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Desk + Files + Documents

Space Saving Desks -
Space Desk

Fold-out Convertible Desk (black photo)

Files from Knock Knock

Martha Stewart Verticle File Ensemble at Staples
Martha Stewart Filing collection at Staples

Smead Filing

Smead Stadium File
Stadium File

Ikea Wall Pockets


Neat Receipts
Post-it pockets



Apps + Software

Pinterest App - available at

Heytell - voice to texting app

Goodreader - Read and Annotate pdfs

CamCard – Reads photos of business cards and organizes them

Delicious Library – Catalogs movies, books, music and other stuff

Libra – Catalog for movies and more

Cozi - life organizing/planning

ECO Organizing

Earth 911
Best Buy Recycling
Ebay Rethink / Recycle
The Green



Junk Mail Control opt out of direct marketing offers opt out of catalogs opt out of pre-approved loans

Clip-Rite (available at Office Depot)

File Storage Ottoman

File Storage Ottoman

Leaf Keepers Cable Ties

Leaf Keepers Cable Ties

Grass Charging Station
Grass Charging Station

Plug Bug
Plug Bug

Wall Organizer
Wall Organizer 

Cable Box Mini

Cable Box Mini

Cordies / Cable Drop
Cordies by Quirky - keep your cords on your desk even after unplugging.

About One

life organizing + document storage, photo storage and sharing + more

Rxmindme app - Reminder for taking medicines

Care - coordinate care for ill people and others - coordinate bringing meals to people - coordinate bringing items to parties, events, or to the

sick or elderly - coordinate care for sick, or for parties and events

My Health Records app – app on itunes

Keeping Up

Getting Organized Magazine
Make Use Of
App Smitten - recommendations for best apps



The Modern P.O.

Square - turns any phone, ipad, ipod touch into a card swiping machine
Clever Container
Thirty-one Gifts

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